Microcerpt: Nothing but Fear

Sawyer and PejjenvekOnce the dragon appeared, Sawyer forgot all of his anger. He forgot how angry he was at Velvet—how dare she order him around? He forgot his anger at the newcomer, Kale, and her big mouth. He forgot his anger at his father, which had been building up for the past week. He forgot his constant hunger from lack of food. He forgot everything except his fear.

“I am Pejjenvek,” the dragon said, responding to Kale, “of Hkiye Janx.”

The golden dragon studied all of them, and then its gaze landed on Sawyer. Sawyer didn’t know whether to be frightened, brave, or if he should just make a run for Velvet’s horse. All he could see was the golden dragon. He was too afraid to look at it, but he needed to know what color his eyes were. His father had told him many years ago that, if you feared someone, you had to memorize their eyes. You had to remember those eyes all your life. They gave you an advantage over your opponent. The dragon’s eyes were who it was. So, with fright, Sawyer looked up.

The dragon was huge. It stood at least seven meters above the ground. One look at the spikes that ran down its back and tail, and Sawyer knew one of them could impale him with ease. Sawyer could barely make out the eye color from down there, but he did know that when he met those eyes, he could feel them almost burning into his soul. They were golden eyes, just like the color of its scales. He didn’t like this dragon. There was something about it that only Sawyer could understand, which made absolutely no sense. It was cunning and dangerous, just like Sawyer was.

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